Here I Am (True Worshippers Youth)

Chord Here I Am (True Worshippers Youth)@b

Verse 1 :@b
  Here I Am Worshipping With My Soul
  And My Heart Rejoices In You
         Am                  D
  'Cause You Are My God, My Shelter
      Am                        D
  The Tower Of Strength All My Days

Verse 2 :@b
  All The Things I Can Do
  It's All Because Of You
          Am                      G/B
  There's None Of Me, It's All Of You
     C                     D
  So Here I Am Worshipping You

Chorus :@b
           G               C
You Are My God, You Are My Light
            Am                        D
Shine On Me Bright, So I Can See Your Way
Teach Me Oh God
To Rest Myself In You
Am                D                     G
Lead Me On, 'Till I Find My Way Home To You

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